The new Acropolis museum

The new museum of the Acropolis is located in the district of Makriyanni, just some 300 meters, under the shadow of the sacred hill. The building, an harmonious mixture of iron, concrete and marble, was inaugurated after many delays and misfortunes on June 21st of  2009, constituting a new reason of pride for Greeks and an architectonic jewel for Athens, worthy to lodge the universal treasures, of the archaeological findings of the hill.

The Swiss architect Bernard Tschumi, managed to combine the large lines of the enormous construction with the contour creating a balanced coexistence. The building is constructed on piles with crystal strolls with a view to the archaeological site, extended underneath. In its three plants are lodged the relics of 2,500 years of antiquity, found in diverse stages of excavations on and around the sacred rock of the Acropolis. The enormous crystal windows let enter the light of the day giving life to the statues and new dimensions to the different exhibited objects in its interior, taking to the visitor to reviver the daily life of the antiquity.