Ancient Nemea General Info

Nemea (in Greek. Νεμέα) is located too closed to the Elissos River, in the north side of Peloponnese. Today a day belongs to the prefecture of Corinth. The new small village of Nemea is located today at the southwest side of the ancient Nemea, known in the antiquity as Iraklion. Nemea is well known from the Greek mythology as the place of a terrible lion, killed by Hercules. Since 573 BC (or earlier), in this place the Nemean Games were founded in memory of the fact. The Competences were taking place at the sanctuary of Zeus. As of late 2007the site around has been excavated and the stadium was recently discovered. It is notable the well preserved vaulted entrance tunnel, with ancient graffiti on its walls.                                               

The region is mentioned by Homer as a winemaking area (Ampeloessa-full of wines) and today the appellation of Nemea is the most important red wine of southern Greece, with the famous Agiorgitico which produces a wine of red deep color, complex aroma and long velvety palate.    

The polis-state of Nemea, in mythological times was ruled by Lycourgos and Eurydice. At these times we locate the Lion of Nemea, a creature who terrorized the region up to the moment that Hercules strangled it barely with his hands.

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